About TAG

Austin non-profit advocating for taxpayers and against subsidizing private developers.

Taxpayers Against Giveaways (TAG) is a new Texas non-profit corporation that advocates for Central Texas taxpayers and against subsidizing private developments. We oppose as a gigantic giveaway the diverting of $278 million in property taxes to the South Central Waterfront Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Plan (SCWF TIRZ). The Austin City Council is scheduled to vote on the amount of our property taxes going to the TIRZ in Spring 2022.

The facts show the SCWF developers will build  their  6.2 million square feet of luxury condominium and office towers on the shores of Lady Bird Lake without taxpayers having to pay $278 million of their infrastructure. We believe our tax revenues would be better spent on Austinites’ needs, such as libraries, parks, sidewalks, public safety and affordable housing.

TAG’s supporters are diverse and cut across the usual political lines. They include Democrats, Republicans and Independents, pro-business and pro-neighborhood supporters, and people of all colors and incomes. We are united in opposing the use of our hard-earned tax dollars for private developments that would occur anyway without public funds.

Taxpayers Against Giveaways is a new Texas non-profit corporation. Our initial board members are Bill Bunch, Holly Reed, Nelson Linder, Fred Lewis, Laura Templeton, James Valadez, and Roger Borgelt.