CWS Capital Partners, owner of $5 billion in luxury apartment homes


CWS Riverside 300, LP and CWS Riverside Square, LP own 4 and 3 acres respectively on Lady Bird Lake Shore next to the Cox Family’s properties.  These two limited partnerships are part of the national real estate firm CWS Capital Partners out of Newport Beach, California.  “CWS Capital Partners and its investors own and manage over 29,000 units of luxury apartments located in high-growth markets across the United States with an aggregate value in excess of $5 billion.”  CWS is a “fully integrated real estate management, development, repositioning  and management of luxury apartments with a considerable presence in Texas and other metropolitan areas across the nations.”

Of CWS’ 100 luxury apartment complexes, 25 are in Austin. CWS states that it really likes Austin because rents are very high and the city does not require it to give many community benefits: “Austin currently has some of the highest Class A rent and the lowest level of concessions.”

CWS Capital is a vast enterprise of 35 subsidiaries: 4 main entities (CWS Investments, CWS Financial Advisors, CWS Apartments, and CWS Corporate Housing) plus 31 real estate investment limited partnerships.  Before the pandemic, CWS was one of the fastest-growing companies in the country.